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Well hello there friends! Welcome to ReOrg Project, where my ultimate goal is to ensure you "enjoy your journey".  I’m super excited to see you here. Thank you for spending a few of your valuable moments with me, I don't take that lightly :). 


My name is Kimbra Naber and I am a Professional Organizer. But I am not sure that title encapsulates everything that I hope to share with you. I believe there is so much more embedded in that title than the obvious. Do I love organization? Absolutely! But more than that, I desire YOU to take control of your chaos and to live a more meaningful life, ridding yourself of the clutter that can suffocate each and every one of us. 


Experiences over things. I am 100% all about this. Do I love a good organizing product, a new pair of shoes, and some comfy athleasurewear? You bet I do! So you won't see me here preaching about living without, I just hope to inspire you to live with less. To allow yourself more room to breath and to enjoy your journey. Sounds dreamy right? All this and either a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and I'd say we are on the right track! 

My journey is fun- I am originally from Seattle, WA and I very much miss it. I now reside in the Indianapolis area. I am a firm believer that being a wanderlust is a good thing. Experiencing other cultures brings us to a higher level of appreciation of our world as a whole. Plus who doesn't love all the delicious cuisines?

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This here is my crazy family and I am head over heels in love with them- even the annoying parts :). I've grown more as a wife and as a mom than I ever thought possible & I am grateful for these roles every day, even when I am bone tired. 


I’ve been fortunate to have not only traveled the world, but also to live in 2 countries (and have our kids in one of them)! 


I am a constant work in progress, and over the years am coming to love my imperfections & am learning to give myself so.much.grace. {Can I get an amen}!?

I can’t live without coffee, wine, and lets be honest- a good clean countertop! Laughter is my favorite emotion  & traveling fuels my soul.

ReOrg Project is a total labour of love. Clean countertops make my world spin a little easier, and I truly don’t have a closet full of junk that will tumble out on top of you once opened! I’ve spent my entire life creating organized spaces around me as I go about my business- from a clean room as a kid to now raising kids and teaching them the importance of living an organized life.

I believe that when you clear not only your physical space of clutter, but also your emotional & calendar clutter, you become lighter in weight, have more energy, and are able to accomplish more. The amount of time people spend “looking for something”, struggle with their packed days (otherwise known as "FOMO"), and hold on to relationships or emotions that no longer serve, well, astounding. Let me help you change that. I promise I will allow you room to grow & evolve. Most importantly, I want to not only create a space for you to enjoy while on your journey, but I want to teach you the tools you need to continue on your own path to organization. 


The Infinity Arrow:

an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward so it's a reminder about when life is pulling you back with difficulties to remember that you'll eventually be launched into something better.

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