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My Rebranding Journey

When I first officially launched my business 2 years ago, I wasn't sure what to expect....and clearly had no clue what I was doing (business wise). Now organizing? THAT I knew. But all the other "things" that come along with starting a business? No clue.

And I am not ashamed to say this. I was just excited about my passion. Excited that people LIKED what I had to SAY and what I could DO for them.

So I googled the crap out of things and limped my way through designing a website on my own. I hired a local high schooler who was passionate about graphic arts to design my logo for me for a whopping $30. I asked a friend who designs wedding stationary to help with my my new business stationary. I ran across MOO and spent way too much on adorable business cards. I even bought some "athleasurewear" from Old Navy and had my friend introduce me to Cricut so that I could put my logo on a few shirts to organize in.

I mean, let me tell you - I was ALL IN.

And so my ReOrg Project journey began....and boy oh boy was it a ride. Potential clients were reaching out left and right and between the juggling of my kids who were still in preschool (part-time), my husbands global travel schedule, and managing "all the things" that comes along with running your own business (ahem, instagram marketing)...well, I guess one could say I typically looked like a crazed woman on the brink of a breakdown most days.

About a year into this gig I already knew I could not sustain this warp speed I had grown accustomed to. I had zero balance in my life (and yes I know that balance is an elusive mistress) but more than that, I started to crave something "more", or perhaps the better word is something "different".

While I absolutely LOVE working hand in hand with my clients, I also started to wonder if there wasn't more I could be doing for them, and for others, beyond the act of prettifying a space with beautiful bins & labels. Sure I preach the "purge" all day long....but I started to get the feeling that I wasn't being as honest as I could be about the direction my heart was leading my evolving business.

We ALL crave HONESTY in our lives.

We especially crave honestly with ourselves. So as I took a step back & really ran through the slideshow of my business over the past 2 years, as well as thoughtfully ponder what I envision for my business moving forward, ideas sprung to life like weeds in my garden.

Thus began my rebranding journey. I realized I need to really elevate my website stat. And let me tell you, I am not an expert in this field at all, not did I have the time to devote to the rebrand. So I started reaching out and networking for website designers...and boy oh boy did I hit the jackpot with Kate over at A Dying Art Company. From the beginning, her and I hit it off with witty banter and I am such a sucker for that when I am way in over my head. She has continually dumbed down and walked with me hand in hand through all of my ideas, requests, implementations, and concerns.

What you see now is a direct result of her reading my mind and making it come to life. From my new logo, to my new colors, and the whole design of my website.....Kate did it all! And although I still have ideas that I need to implement on my new site and add {ahem, hello overdue newsletter}, I know that I have started something great! And it's only been possible due to Kate's vision and her reading my mind so well :).

Believe you are beautiful & have much to offer!

My second step in my rebranding journey after I started the website redesign was to take myself seriously in the form of professional photography. This, if I am being totally honest, was where I was scared sh*tless. I knew I needed to "up my game" on both my website as well as on the main social platform I hang out on: Instagram. But gah, putting myself in front of the camera- yikes.

Thankfully I came across a beautiful and talented soul- Auset over at Auset Images Photography. From the moment we met for coffee, I knew I found the right gal. I could feel the emotion through her pictures she showed me, and I knew thats what I needed. Did I also need product photography? Yes. But more than that I needed someone to capture the essence of what my business is all about and where I want to take it. Auset did that for me, and I am forever thankful she got me out of my comfort zone.

Of course I couldn't get my fabulous pictures taken without A LOT of help from my favorite personal stylist Laura over at Style Riot. If you don't know Laura's work you need to ASAP. She's another beautiful soul who I just adore {and we share the same birthday 1 year apart- how cool is that?!}. She shopped my closet for me and helped me the entire shoot. I just love her. Auset also handled setting up a makeup artist (Nikki Brown) and a hair stylist (Christina Ann) for my crazy awesome photoshoot.

Enjoy your Journey.

Last but absolutely not least....more like first and foremost....I want to mention that none of this would have been possible without Jaime from Jaime Gordon Life Coaching. Jaime has been working with me since January of 2019 and she has changed my life- both personally and professionally. I highly recommend checking out Jaime and about the positive impact Life Coaching can have on your life and how it affects those around you.

Now here I am....almost 100% rebranded and working towards what I want for the future of my ReOrg Project Business and for my clients. So, first things first- I am kicking off my rebranding with a huge part of what I want to offer the world: Workshops dedicated to helping others to "create a space to enjoy your journey".

I know we are all capable of learning new things. Is it always easy? No way. Does it always pay off? Absolutely! So my first workshop is titled "Clutter Clinic™". I am so very excited to share with my attendees the value of recognizing the types of clutter in their lives and teach them how they can conquer that clutter. It's going to be so much fun!!

Life should be FUN, don't you think?!

So make sure you sign up for my newsletter....I promise, PROMISE, it is in the works and will become a monthly occurrence. Also, if the "Clutter Clinic™" sounds interesting to you, make sure to message me....I will keep you on a waitlist for the next workshop.

Well there you have it, my ongoing rebranding journey. I am tickled at the progress and if I may be so bold as to say, quite proud of myself. Thank you for bearing with me through all the hiccups and growing pains and promises {ahem, monthly newsletter!!!}.

We are all works in progress and as I stand here in the baby stages of a new decade {hello 40!}, I am promising myself and my followers that I will always show up, be authentic, and share my passion for leading an organized, intentional, and adventurous life!



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