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Travel Bug?

Do you have the travel bug? I know I sure do! Technically I’ve had this disease my entire life and most likely I always will. It’s just in my blood, no way around that one.  And I will not complain nor apologize about my love affair with traveling. Nope, just won’t do it. Now, I do realize that not everyone in this world is like me {spoiler alert}, so to that end, I want to see if I can impart some wisdom on you as you prepare to create more memories this year. 

I am sure many of you have heard about the movement of “Experiences over Things” right? I felt like it was huge this year for the holiday season and I for one am all about it! Less clutter, more fun. More memories, less materialism. Whether its a quick weekend away via road trip or a passport required adventure overseas, I promise traveling will enrich your life! You will walk away feeling rejuvenated & fulfilled. But the process of planning your travel can get overwhelming. This is where I want to step in and help. Are you with me?

Let’s start with a little back story first. Growing up, my mom owned a travel agency. For all you young readers, a travel agency is a place people contacted to book travel. Any and all kinds of travel. This was before the internet. Crazy right?! There were huge “airline fare wars” and my mom would be booking travel into the middle of the night those days. It was bananas.  I simply loved going into her office. It was like stepping into a dream where anything was possible. And since organizing is also a disease I have had my whole life, I would spend summers and sick days at her office, organizing brochures & creating more efficient work spaces for her and her team. I know, I am totally loco. Totally get it. 

Although being a travel agent didn’t pay a boatload of money, it did reward in cheap travels! I just loved reaping the benefits of my mom’s hard work. We flew for a fraction of the cost and many times cruises and resorts asked us to stay for pennies on the dollar. Pretty cool huh?!

Fast forward to my college years and the world really opened up with a semester abroad in Sevilla, Spain. This is where, as an adult, I truly fell in love with traveling. Since then I have traveled to 5 out of the 7 continents in this world, and I have lived on 3 of them! Yep, I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 3 years. My husband and I even had our 2 kids there- Ava and Mac. Crazy and amazing and wild. 

So….one could say I know a thing or two not only about traveling, but also about how to organize for traveling. And I am not talking about packing (I will tackle that next), I am talking about the process of planning your travels. It can get overwhelming and complicated and create a ton of paperwork/emails/documents….you name it.

Now that you’ve heard some of my backstory, I want to provide you with some tips & tricks. It is my hope that it helps you to navigate the sometimes murky waters of planning your upcoming travels. So what do you say, shall we streamline this process? I want to make sure you get to reap the full benefits of your experiences. Let me give you my Top 5 tips to ensure travel preparation success!

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Here is your ground zero, your starting point. Create a board for your specific trip. This is a fantastic and easy way to get your creative juices flowing. Plus if there are multiple parties involved, it’s a place everyone can view and add onto.

Research things like:

What interests you? Are you into adventure, relaxation, cuisine, culture, etc? Where’s Waldo? Do you want to travel domestically or Internationally?Do you prefer a road trip or do you like to fly? Who’s Going? Couples, families, friends, young kids, adults only Seasonal Nuances? Weather specific to areaHigh vs Low SeasonTake advantage of the shoulder season!

** What’s a shoulder season? A shoulder season is the time between high & low season. Let me give you an example. When we lived in SE Asia, we took a 2 week RV trip in stunning New Zealand. To save cost, we decided to go in April, which in the Southern Hemisphere, is the fall months. The weather was perfect. Not hot & pricey like the summer months, and not freezing and costly like the winter months. Make sense?

Travel Goals

This is were you start to hone in on what you want your experience to look & feel like. What you want out of your trip. What makes your blood boil, what makes your heart sing.

Things to consider:

Travel Requirements: Hotel vs. VRBOAll Inclusive vs. BoutiqueBreakfast/Happy Hour (points come in handy here)?Pools/beach/city access?Room amenities?Restaurants/Bars/Room Service?Walkable? Fitness? Trains/Ubers/Bikes?  How much time do you have? Check out your vacation days! Money Money Money! Think about how much money you want to to allocate to lodging vs. spending while thereDon’t forget about meals, activities, mementos, the travel days

Points & Packages

Maximize all your hard work and money spent! There is a boatload of free money out there just waiting to be collected. Think outside the box & search high & low for every dollar!

Compile & Package:

Check your credit card & hotel/airline/car memberships It’s crazy what you can do with these points!My husband and I just went to Italy for 7 days & stayed for FREE using his credit card points! Check out Budget friendly websites for Air & Lodging TripAdvisor is a great place to startExpedia & Agoda are wonderful websites too!Kayak is also a fav! Look into a package deal! It can save a ton of money if you look directly at hotel websites for package deals. Same with airlines!

Be Organized! 

Here is where you compile are your necessary documents both in anticipation of your travels as well as while you are gone. It’s crucial to ensure you have every document needs stored (digitally IMO).

Don’t Forget!

International travels: Make sure your passport & any necessary visa are current and in place Check the CDC website for any immunization requirements!Double check the Smart Traveler website for any safety precautions too. Find a central location that everyone traveling can have access to. Digital is KING here!Favorite Travel Organizers:App TripIt Here is what I ADORE about TripIt. It stores flight, car, hotel….all sorts of info. When you received an email confirmation from wherever you booked, simply forward that email to plans@tripit.com and it will store all reservation info to your app on your profile. After a few times, it automatically sees you have reserved something and does the hard work for you- magical right?! You can view upcoming or current trips, and look at info from past trips. It shows airport info, weather info, and more! It’s a MUST and accessible anywhere in the world!Storing Reservation/Itinerary/Contact/Misc. info: EvernoteGoogle Drive

Enjoy The Process!

Don’t forget that this is supposed to be F.U.N. This will enrich your lives in more ways you can even fathom, I promise! There will be highs and there will be lows. It’s all a part of the journey, so try not to fret too much!

  • Here are 5 ways traveling enriches your life {and there are a TON more!}:

  • You end up valuing experiences over things

  • You have a better understanding & respect of cultures

  • Your are more aware of your surroundings

  • You learn new ways of doing things

  • You reflect on who YOU ARE and what makes you tick!

So that's it, easy peasy right?!


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